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China 6BG1 Crankshaft Belt Pulley 1-12371470-0 1123714700 For Excavator ZX200-5G ZX230 Machinery Engine Parts crankshaft pulley

Issue: New
Warranty: Unavailable
Applicable Industries: Building Material Shops, Equipment Restore Stores, Retail, Development works , Energy & Mining, Other
Fat (KG): 1
Showroom Area: None
Video outgoing-inspection: Not Offered
Machinery Test Report: Not Accessible
Marketing Sort: Regular Solution
Motor Sort: Diesel
Variety: Crankshaft Belt Pulley
Motor Product: 6BG1
Portion Name:: Crankshaft Belt Pulley
Part Quantity Substantial Top quality Miami Cuban Website link Chain Gentlemen Ring Gold Silver Color Iced Out Full Cubic Zircon Hip Hop CZ Rock Jewellery : 1-12371470-
Utilization:: Excavator motor components
Location of origin:: Japan Unique
Quality:: 1- for 6BG1
Series Elements:: CZPT CZPT Hino CZPT CZPT CZPT Engine Elements
Packing:: First Packing, Normal Export PACKING
Company:: CZPT Power
Relevant Industries:: Construction equipment spare areas Excavator engine spare parts
Packaging Particulars: Normal Export Packing, Risk-free Packing, Wooden Case Packing
Port: GuangZhou HuangPu

6BG1 Crankshaft Belt Pulley 1-12371470- 11237147- 11237147-ModelISUZUStock IndeedIssueNEWPlace OF ORIGINEJAPANSequenceEngine Element, Cylinder Head, 2571 New Common Zircon Gold Plated Bead Chain Necklace Vintage Stacked Elegant CZPT Splicing Pearl Necklace Cylinder Block, Cylinder Liner KitDesignExcavatorsPAYMENTT/T WESTERN UNION CHINA BankPACKINGOriginal Packing, Regular Export PACKING
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Three basic types of pulleys, their applications and ideal mechanical advantages

There are three basic types of pulleys: movable, fixed and compound. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and you should be able to judge which type is best for your needs by looking at the table below. Once you have mastered the different types of pulleys, you can choose the right pulley for your next project. Now that you have mastered the three basic types, it is time to understand their applications and ideal mechanical advantages.


The stress characteristics of a pulley depend on its size and construction. These stresses are derived by comparing the stress characteristics of different pulley designs. Stress criteria include static and fatigue strength analyses and specify maximum stress ranges. Stresses are calculated in a 3D stress field, including radial, tangential and axial stresses. The stress characteristics of pulleys are critical to the design and manufacture of industrial machines.
The principal stresses on the pulley shell are distributed in the tangential and hoop directions, close to the centerline of the pulley. If the pulley has a wide face, the axial stress occurring near the shell/disk junction can be large. The stress distribution was determined using British Standard BS5400 Part 10: Stresses at the shell and end disc connections for infinite fatigue life.
Another type of composite is a pulley with a belt section. Such structures are well known in the art. The corresponding help chapters for these elements contain detailed descriptions of the internal structure of these components. Chamfers between pulleys can also be defined using multiple tapers, with a smaller taper extending from midpoint 44 to large diameter 42. Additionally, the pulley can have multiple taper angles, and as the pulley moves away, the taper angle is from the center.


A pulley system uses a rope to move the object and one side of the rope to lift the load. The load is attached to one end of the pulley, while the other end can move freely in space. The force applied to the free end of the rope pulls the load up or down. Because of this, the mechanical advantage of the movable pulley is two to one. The greater the force applied to the free end of the rope, the greater the amount of movement achieved.
There are three common types of pulleys. The cast-iron variety has a rim at the front and a hub at the back. The arms of the pulley can be straight or curved. When the arms contract and yield instead of breaking, they are in tension. The top of the pulley centers the belt in motion and is available in widths ranging from 9mm to 300mm.
The rope, hub and axle are mounted on the pulley. They are common and versatile mechanical devices that make it easier to move or lift objects. Some pulleys change the direction of the force. Others change the magnitude. All types of pulleys can be used for a variety of different applications. Here are some examples. If you're not sure which type to choose, you can find more resources online.


The applications for pulleys are almost limitless. This simple machine turns complex tasks into simple ones. They consist of a rope or chain wrapped around a wheel or axle. Using ropes, one can lift heavy objects without the enormous physical exertion of traditional lifting equipment. Some pulleys are equipped with rollers, which greatly magnifies the lifting force.
When used properly, the pulley system can change the direction of the applied force. It provides a mechanical advantage and allows the operator to remain separate from heavy objects. They are also inexpensive, easy to assemble, and require little lubrication after installation. Also, once installed, the pulley system requires little maintenance. They can even be used effortlessly. Despite having many moving parts, pulley systems do not require lubrication, making them a cost-effective alternative to mechanical lifts.
Pulleys are used in many applications including adjustable clotheslines in different machines, kitchen drawers and motor pulleys. Commercial users of pulley systems include cranes. These machines use a pulley system to lift and place heavy objects. They are also used by high-rise building washing companies. They can easily move a building without compromising its structural integrity. As a result, many industries rely on technology to make elevators easier.

Ideal mechanical advantage

The ideal mechanical advantage of a pulley system is the result of rope tension. The load is pulled to the center of the pulley, but the force is evenly distributed over the cable. Two pulleys will provide the mechanical advantage of two pulleys. The total energy used will remain the same. If multiple pulleys are used, friction between pulleys and pulleys reduces the return of energy.
Lever-based machines are simple devices that can work. These include levers, wheels and axles, screws, wedges and ramps. Their ability to work depends on their efficiency and mechanical superiority. The ideal mechanical advantage assumes perfect efficiency, while the actual mechanical advantage takes friction into account. The distance traveled by the load and the force applied are also factors in determining the ideal mechanical advantage of the pulley.
A simple pulley system has an MA of two. The weight attached to one end of the rope is called FA. Force FE and load FL are connected to the other end of the rope. The distance that the lifter pulls the rope must be twice or half the force required to lift the weight. The same goes for side-by-side pulley systems.

Materials used in manufacturing

While aluminum and plastic are the most common materials for making pulleys, there are other materials to choose from for your timing pulleys. Despite their different physical properties, they all offer similar benefits. Aluminum is dense and corrosion-resistant, and plastic is lightweight and durable. Stainless steel is resistant to stains and rust, but is expensive to maintain. For this reason, aluminum is a popular choice for heavy duty pulleys.
Metal can also be used to make pulleys. Aluminum pulleys are lightweight and strong, while other materials are not as durable. CZPT produces aluminium pulleys, but can also produce other materials or special finishes. The list below is just representative of some common materials and finishes. Many different materials are used, so you should discuss the best options for your application with your engineer.
Metals such as steel and aluminum are commonly used to make pulleys. These materials are relatively light and have a low coefficient of friction. Steel pulleys are also more durable than aluminum pulleys. For heavier applications, steel and aluminum are preferred, but consider weight limitations when selecting materials. For example, metal pulleys can be used in electric motors to transmit belt motion.


Replacing a tensioner in a car's engine can cost anywhere from $90 to $300, depending on the make and model of the car. Cost can also be affected by the complexity of the pulley system and how many pulleys are required. Replacement costs may also increase depending on the severity of the damage. The cost of replacing pulleys also varies from car to car, as different manufacturers use different engines and drivetrains.
Induction motors have been an industrial workhorse for 130 years, but their cost is growing. As energy costs rise and the cost of ownership increases, these motors will only get more expensive. New technologies are now available to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve safety standards.
The average job cost to replace an idler varies from $125 to $321, including labor. Parts and labor to replace a car pulley can range from $30 to $178. Labor and parts can cost an additional $10 to $40, depending on the make and model of the car. But the labor is worth the money because these pulleys are a critical part of a car's engine.

China 6BG1 Crankshaft Belt Pulley 1-12371470-0 1123714700 For Excavator ZX200-5G ZX230 Machinery Engine Parts     crankshaft pulley	China 6BG1 Crankshaft Belt Pulley 1-12371470-0 1123714700 For Excavator ZX200-5G ZX230 Machinery Engine Parts     crankshaft pulley
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China Adjustable Printing Machinery Parts Gantry Plate With Pulley Wheel V Slot Gantry Plate Set Wheels Gasket Kit 3MM Thick Plate pulley alternator

Issue: New
Warranty: 1 Year
Relevant Industries: Other, Printing Retailers, Machinery Restore Shops, Manufacturing Plant
Excess weight (KG): .20
Showroom Spot: None
Movie outgoing-inspection: Supplied
Machinery Examination Report: Supplied
Marketing and advertising Variety: New Merchandise 2571
Type: Other
Solution name: 3D printer V solt construct board basic white wheel
Software: For opennbuilds basic V solt construct board twenty-80mm
Board Surface Remedy: Black Anodized Remedy
Port: shenshen

V-SLOT Create BOARD Package : A sliding desk created of aluminum alloy for linear actuators, a basic linear gantry board, and a Do it yourself widely used Slide Table Linear Actuator system. Tough Material: aluminum alloy, black anodized on the floor, with excellent put on resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, and the CZPT framework tends to make it durable. twenty-80MM ADJUSTABLE :The installation distance of passive inert pulleys can be adjusted. A number of rows of mounting holes can meet your products demands. The minimal width is 20mm and the optimum width is 80mm. It has powerful compatibility.

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FAQ Q1: Are you producer?A1: Of course, modest elevator lift worm gears we are maker.
Q2: How extended is your supply time?A2: Normally 3-5 doing work days following payment Special necessity orders, shipping time is negotiable.Q3: If the merchandise can not operate right after acquiring it,what should I do?A3: We will change new items for you at once and then we make the judgement for the problem
This fall: Do you take OEM design and style? A4: Yes,we do. We can style according to your prerequisite, MOQ generally five hundred-one thousand.Q5: What payment conditions you take?A6: We take Paypal, Alibaba Trade Assuarce, Western Union, Wechat, Vehicle air compressor for SUBARU forester Automobile air comditioning areas 73111SC571 Alipay, in Cash (RMB or USD).

6. Do you have any certificates on your goods?Indeed, our merchandise have their own patents and obtained CE, FCC, ROHS certification
7. Is it feasible to do a tailored get?Of course, OEM, ODM, are welcome, personalize your own brand name, brand and package box are our strong point.eight. Could you ship goods to my country?Yes, Galvanized US Sort G43 Chain Quality forty three High Check Chain we do organization in every corner of the world, please contact us to consult the information delivery demand.9. If outside the house of China(Mainland), should I spend customs duties, import taxes, VATS, etc…?Yes, customs fees, import taxes, and VAT may use and not consist of in your order overall value. Please kindly know that we could not estimate your countries' import taxes. I would recommend youtry a duty estimating internet site like Responsibility Calculator.


How to Assemble a Pulley System

A pulley is a wheel that rotates on a shaft or shaft to support the movement of a taut cable. Pulleys allow power to be transmitted from the shaft to the cable.

Simple pulley

The simplest theory of operation of a pulley system assumes that the rope and weight are weightless and that the rope and pulley are not stretched. Since the force on the pulley is the same, the force on the pulley shaft must also be zero. Therefore, the force exerted on the pulley shaft is also distributed evenly between the two wires passing through the pulley. The force distribution is shown in Figure 1.
The use of simple pulleys is as old as history. Before the Industrial Revolution, people relied on muscle strength to carry heavy loads. Pulleys, levers and ramps make this possible. Today, we can see pulleys in a variety of systems, from exercise equipment to garage doors, and even rock climbers use them to help them reach greater heights. As you can see, these simple machines have been around for centuries and are used in everyday life.
Another simple pulley system is the pulley system. In this system, there is a fixed pulley at the top and a movable pulley at the bottom. The two pulleys are connected by a rope. This combination reduces the amount of work required to lift the load. Additionally, the ropes used in this system are usually made of rope and woven through the individual wheels of the pulley drum.
A pulley is an ingenious device that distributes weight evenly and can be used to lift heavy objects. It is easy to build and can be easily modified for a wide range of activities. Even young children can make their own with very few materials. You can also use simple household items such as washing machines, thin textbooks and even chopsticks. It's very useful and can be a great addition to your child's science and engineering activities.
The simplest pulley system is movable. The axis of the movable pulley can move freely in space. The load is attached to one end of the pulley and the other end to the stationary object. By applying force on the other end of the rope, the load is lifted. The force at the other end of the rope is equal to the force at the free end of the pulley.
Another form of pulley is the compound pulley. Compound pulleys use two or more wheels to transmit force. Compound pulleys have two or more wheels and can lift heavier objects. Dim is POLE2.

tapered pulley

It is important to clean and align the bolt holes before assembling the tapered pulley. The screws should be lubricated and the threads cleaned before installation. To install the pulley, insert it into the shaft keyway. The keyway should be aligned with the shaft hole to prevent foreign matter from entering the pulley. Then, alternately tighten the bolts until the pulley is tightened to the desired torque.
A tapered pulley is a basic structure. The pulley belt is arranged across four steps. Installed between the headstock casting and the main shaft, it is often used in the paper industry. It integrates with printing machinery and supports assembly lines. These pulleys are also available in metric range options, eliminating the need for ke-waying or re-drilling. They are easy to install, and users can even customize them to suit their needs.
CZPT Private Limited is a company that provides unique products for various industries. This large product is used for many different purposes. Also, it is manufactured for industrial use. The company's website provides detailed specifications for the product. If you need a tapered pulley, contact a company in your area today to purchase a quality product!
Tapered pulleys are vital to paper mill machinery. Its special design and construction enable it to transmit power from the engine source to the drive components. The advantages of this pulley include low maintenance costs and high mechanical strength. Cone wheel diameters range from 10 inches to 74 inches. These pulleys are commonly used in paper mills as they offer low maintenance, high mechanical strength and low wear.
A tapered sleeve connects the pulley to the shaft and forms an interference fit connector. The taper sleeve is fixed on the shaft with a key, and the corresponding inner hole is fixed on the shaft with a key. These features transmit torque and force to the pulley through friction. This allows the tapered pulley to move in a circular motion. The torque transfer characteristics of this pulley are most effective in high speed applications.
The sleeve is the most important part when assembling the tapered pulley. There is an 8-degree taper inside the cone, which is closely connected to the inner surface of the pulley. Taper sleeves and pulleys are interchangeable. However, tapered pulleys can be damaged after prolonged use.

pulley pulley system

A pulley pulley system is a great way to move heavy objects. These systems have been around for centuries, dating back to the ancient Greeks. This simple mechanism enables a person to lift heavy objects. These blocks are usually made of rope, and the number of turns varies for different types of rope. Some blocks have more cords than others, which creates friction and interferes with the easy movement of the lifting system.
When using a pulley pulley, the first thing to decide is which direction to pull. Unfavorable rigging means pulling in the opposite direction. In theory, this method is less efficient, but sometimes requires a certain amount of work space. The benefit is that you will increase the mechanical advantage of the pulley by pulling in the opposite direction. So the interception and tackle system will give you more of a mechanical advantage.
Pulley pulleys are an excellent choice for lifting heavy objects. The system is simple to install and users can easily lift objects without extensive training. Figure 3.40 shows a pulley in action. In this photo, the person on the left is pulling a rope and tying the end of the rope to a weight. When the rope is attached to the load, the rope will be pulled over the pulley and pulley.
The blocks on the blocks are attached to the ends of the rope. This creates unique lifting advantages compared to single-line systems. In Figure 3, the tension of each thread is equal to one-third of the unit weight. When the rope is pulled over the pulley, the force is divided equally between the two wires. The other pulley reverses the direction of the force, but that doesn't add any advantage.
Use pulleys to reduce traction and load. The weight of the load has not changed, but the length of the rope has increased. Using this method, lifting the load by pulling the rope four times reduces the force required to lift one foot. Likewise, if the pulley system had four pulleys instead of three, the length of the rope would be tripled.
The system can transmit loads in any direction. Rope length is determined by multiplying the distance from the fixed block to the load by the mechanical advantage. If the mechanical advantage is 3:1, then passing the rope through the pulley 3 times will produce the required traction distance. Also, the length of the rope will depend on the mechanical advantage, so if the load is three times the length of the rope, it will be more than three times the required length.

China Adjustable Printing Machinery Parts Gantry Plate With Pulley Wheel V Slot Gantry Plate Set Wheels Gasket Kit 3MM Thick Plate     pulley alternatorChina Adjustable Printing Machinery Parts Gantry Plate With Pulley Wheel V Slot Gantry Plate Set Wheels Gasket Kit 3MM Thick Plate     pulley alternator
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CeraEPT Cost made in China - replacement parts - in Shimkent Kazakhstan Wire Guides Caged CeraEPT Pulley Applied in Textile Machinery with top quality

CeraEPT  Cost  made in China - replacement parts -  in Shimkent Kazakhstan   Wire Guides Caged CeraEPT  Pulley  Applied in Textile Machinery with top quality

We - EPG Team the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears manufacturing facility in China with 5 various branches. For far more information: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828

Ceramic Wire Xihu (We EPT Lake) Dis.s Caged Ceramic Pulley (Caged Ceramic Pulley) Applied in Textile Machinery

 Contact Information

Salesperson Vincent

TEL +86 769 86018114

FAX 13083988828 +86 769 86015646

Cell 86~13083988828 13858117778713367842

We - EPG Group the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears manufacturing unit in China with 5 various branches. For much more details: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828 The use of authentic products manufacturer’s (OEM) portion quantities or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference purposes only and for indicating merchandise use and compatibility. Our business and the listed substitution elements contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or made by the OEM.

CeraEPT  Cost  made in China - replacement parts -  in Shimkent Kazakhstan   Wire Guides Caged CeraEPT  Pulley  Applied in Textile Machinery with top quality

CeraEPT  Cost  made in China - replacement parts -  in Shimkent Kazakhstan   Wire Guides Caged CeraEPT  Pulley  Applied in Textile Machinery with top quality