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Our company is a pioneering force in the manufacturing and distribution of HTD pulleys. With a rich history of [number] years in the industry, we've grown to become a leader renowned for our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and cutting-edge technology underscore our dedication to excellence. We boast a team of seasoned professionals, engineers, and technicians who ensure that every HTD pulley leaving our facilities meets the highest standards of precision and reliability.

HTD pulleys are the cornerstone of our product lineup, and they are distinguished by their exceptional performance and durability. Crafted from premium materials and engineered with precision, our HTD pulleys offer superior efficiency, reduced noise levels, and unparalleled torque transmission capabilities. They find applications across a diverse range of industries, including automotive, manufacturing, robotics, and more, where high-performance power transmission is paramount.

Our unwavering commitment to specialization and expertise sets us apart in the HTD pulley arena. Our comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of HTD pulley design and manufacturing enables us to deliver solutions tailored to our customer's unique requirements, earning us a reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.

At our core lies a customer-centric philosophy that drives us to provide unparalleled service and support. From prompt delivery to technical assistance, we prioritize customer satisfaction at every touchpoint. Moreover, our commitment to continuous innovation ensures that we stay at the forefront of technological advancements, consistently refining and enhancing our products to meet the evolving needs of our clientele.

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What is HTD pulley?

TD (High Torque Drive) pulleys are a special type of pulley used in transmission systems. They are usually used with HTD type belts to form a high efficiency, low noise transmission system. HTD pulleys are designed with a special tooth shape to provide higher transmission efficiency and torsional rigidity. These pulleys are often used in applications that need to transmit high power or torque, such as mechanical equipment, automobiles, industrial machinery, etc.

The main features and advantages of HTD pulleys include efficient transmission, low noise, high torsional rigidity and long life. They are able to operate stably under high loads and high speeds while reducing friction and energy losses. This makes them an ideal choice for many industrial and mechanical applications.

Advantages of HTD pulley compared to other pulleys

Advantages HTD Pulley Other Pulleys
Higher Torque Capacity HTD pulleys have deeper tooth profiles, providing better grip and torque transmission. Other pulleys may have shallower tooth profiles, limiting torque capacity.
Reduced Noise and Vibration The deeper tooth profile of HTD pulleys reduces noise and vibration during operation. Other pulleys may generate more noise and vibration due to their design.
Improved Belt Life HTD pulleys distribute the load more evenly across the belt, extending belt life. Other pulleys may cause uneven wear on belts, reducing their lifespan.
Backlash Reduction HTD pulleys minimize backlash due to their tooth profile design, ensuring precise motion control. Other pulleys may exhibit more backlash, leading to less accurate motion control.
Wide Range of Sizes HTD pulleys are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, suitable for various applications. Other pulleys may have limited size options, restricting their versatility.


Basic functions of HTD pulley

The basic function of HTD (High Torque Drive) pulleys is to provide power transmission and rotational transmission. They are usually used with HTD-type belts to transmit power from one shaft to another through the bending of the belt and the bite between the teeth and the teeth of the pulley.

HTD pulleys are designed to maximize transmission efficiency and torsional rigidity, so that the transmission system can efficiently transmit power and torque. Based on these characteristics, HTD pulleys play an important role in many fields, including mechanical equipment, automobiles, industrial machinery, etc., used to drive the operation of various equipment and machines.

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HTD pulley application industry

Mechanical Manufacturing

Automation and Robotics

Food and Beverage Industry

Textile Industry

Printing and Packaging

Medical Equipment

Electronic Manufacturing


Features of HTD pulley

HTD (High Torque Drive) pulleys have the following features

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High torque transfer capability

The HTD pulley design features a deep tooth profile that provides excellent torque transfer capability and is suitable for applications with high torque transmission.

Reduced noise and vibration

Due to its deep tooth profile, the HTD pulley generates less noise and vibration during operation, improving the smoothness of the equipment and the comfort of operation.

Enhanced belt life

The HTD pulley is able to evenly distribute the load on the belt, reducing belt wear and extending the service life of the belt.

Reduced backlash

The tooth design of the HTD pulley reduces backlash and ensures precise motion control, which is suitable for applications that require high-precision positioning.

Basic functions of HTD pulley

Transmission function: HTD type synchronous pulley is an important component of synchronous belt transmission system, which realizes the transmission of motion and power by meshing with synchronous belt (a closed ring belt with equally spaced teeth on the inner surface). This meshing transmission mode combines the characteristics of gear transmission, chain transmission and flat belt transmission.
Improve transmission capacity and 


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